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Posted By :    Claudia Jenswold
Posted :    7/30/2015
Comments :    I was very happy with the work Dr. Honzelka did for my 5 pound yorkie. Dr. H. spent time before, during, and after the procedure explaining what was happening and what to expect. He really seemed to care about our little Sophie. And after I picked her up she was not completely sedated and zonked like she was after her vet cleaning. Thank you to your excellent, caring work. The cost was even well under the estimate. I highly recommend Dr. Honzelka.
Posted By :    Jacob
Posted :    1/23/2015
Comments :    Oh and if you are interested you can check out my own site on flea control:
Posted By :    Jacob
Posted :    1/23/2015
Comments :    Hi there. Thanks for a wonderful site. I came here looking for info on flea control and found it.
Posted By :    Kristen Krezinski
Posted :    10/12/2014
Comments :    The doctors here are amazing. We called two times after hours and were treated like we called the clinic during business hours. Our dog was treated as if he was at home-we felt so at ease with the care he received. We were referred from the emergency veterinary clinic from Milwaukee-and were assured we were in good hands. We were weary about traveling so far (over an hour) in a car with our dog that has extreme anxiety-but I was so relieved after we received the care we did!
Posted By :    Sheila Semrou  (
Posted :    1/25/2014
Comments :    I highly recommend this team of veterinary dental specialists! They have the advanced training, experience, and specialized equipment to do safer, more thorough work than standard vets. We know oral health is critical to overall health & longevity for humans as well as animals. Last week my 9 yr old Lab, Chloe had oral surgery and is doing great! Also, in 2007 my cat, Silky was treated and received excellent care. She remains healthy and pain free today. If you love your pet, take care of their teeth & gums before it's too late. Sincerely, Sheila
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